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About Us

What do you do after you've spent more than 3 years and over 100,000 miles of backroad traveling around North America? Traveling with the only goal being to find the coolest little towns and beautiful scenery our country has to offer?

Your two hosts Pat & Cindy Bonish at Horseshoe Bend, in Page Arizona 2008

For Cindy and I, your gracious hosts at the Low-Key Hideaway in historic Cedar Key, we decided to settle down in one of the funkiest little towns we found along our adventure.

We had visited Cedar Key multiple times during our journey, and each new town we'd visit around North America, we kept finding ourselves comparing it back to Cedar Key.

Cindy above Grand Prismatic Spring while hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Building up to our 4th year on the road, we were running out of money and knew we needed to settle down and find work for awhile.  This was when we found the Low-Key Hideaway Motel & RV.  The Tiki Bar outback was just the icing on the cake.

Camped on the Rim of Monument Valley

We're now into our 4th year at the Low-Key Hideaway and love every aspect Cedar Key has to offer.  We were named 'Business of the Year' for 2011 by the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce and have become the #1 Motel in Cedar Key on Trip Advisor.  We love the local fisherman who are always offering their fresh catch to fill our plates, the generations of locals who make this town what it is with its rich history, and the amazing people who come visit on a non-stop basis. 

We joke that you have to be an adventurous traveler to want to stray away from the norm of Disney and Strip Mall after Strip Mall that normal Florida has to offer and come visit Cedar Key to begin with.

Cindy and I in front of McWay Waterfall along the Pacific Coast HWY in Big Sur California. 
This is said to be the only waterfall that drops directly into the Pacific Ocean

Feel free to stop on by, check in to the quaint little motel, park your RV in one of our waterfront campsites, or just stop to say hello and pull up a stool at the Tiki Bar out back, the one we call 'The Hideaway'.

When we were in the early stages of talking about the Motel and RV Resort, a good friend asked "What are you going to do with the place? How are you going to fix it up and what style are you going to go with?" My only answer to her was "What ever it is, it's going to be very Low-Key and very laid back"...Hence the Low-Key name.

The Black Sheep - A Brown Pelican with a large flock of White Pelican's seen in the Bayou behind
the Low-Key Hideaway here in Cedar Key

If you've never been to Cedar Key, then you're in for a treat. Itís not the fancy, touristy, artsy, scene like you might find in so many other places in Florida that all seem to blend together. Nope, itís got a charm all its own. The same laid back atmosphere, and moving at the same slow pace it's had going since the mid-1500's when the Spanish first mapped the area.

Heck, the town is so small it doesn't even have a stop light!

Cedar Key and the surrounding islands have a wealth of history for those of you who are into our countries earlier days. Pirates have anchored offshore of the town, Seminole Indians have hunted and fished these rich waters for centuries, Civil War soldiers fought over the town and its deep water port, John Muir spent some time here while he recovered from Malaria and Mother Nature herself has even tried to wipe it off the map a few times.

But the small 'Drinking Town with a Fishing Problem' as some of the locals like to call it, still just keeps ticking along and is one of the last places in the Sunshine State where the true 'Old Florida' way of life can be seen and felt with each setting sun...and Cedar Key has some of the best Sunsets along the Gulf Coast.

Cindy took this photo behind our little motel!

Don't come to Cedar Key expecting golf courses and fancy shopping, but please do come if you're looking for that Low-Key, Laid Back vacation. There is plenty to do in and around Cedar Key and the Pure Water Wilderness area.

We're known as Clam Capitol of the United States due to our thriving Calm Farmers who call this area of the Gulf "Home". So plan on tasting some of the freshest seafood you've ever tried. The waters around this area are teaming with fish for you anglers, and you know what comes with big schools of fish dont you...Birds.

Make sure you bring your camera and your binoculars because you're in for a treat when you visit Cedar Key if you are a birder. Ospreys, Bald Eagles, White Pelicans, Egrets, Herons....the list goes on and on for pages.

We're only a short drive from the Suwannee River and its miles of navigable waters. Diving or swimming at Manatee Springs or Crystal River is something divers come from all over the world to see. A day spent at the local winery in Chiefland is a way to taste some local flavors.

What ever you chose to do here, just make sure you know you're going to have a relaxing time with not too much in the way of development and that Rat Race we've left behind.

Looking Down at the Low-Key Hideaway from the Air

White Pelican soaring behind the Low-Key Hideaway - Photo by Pat Bonish

Trio of Black Skimmers fishing near the Low-Key Hideaway - Photo by Pat Bonish


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